We’ve had raves on boats! We’ve had raves on land! We’ve had raves inside glaciers for goodness’ sake! But the final frontier for man is still, yet again, the sky.

Although fun times (or disruptive) have been had 30,000 ft in the air, there has never been an official party up in the sky. And well… still goose egg. But we’re getting closer. With a new announcement from EasyJet, we’ve learned that flight attendants will don some snazzy “wearable tech uniforms” that sport LED shoulder panels, cameras and microphones.

The uniforms are meant to provide functional uses for engineers and workers on the plane, but The Muse took it a step further and called it “the sky rave of your dreams.” We wouldn’t be so bold.

However, let’s take this opportunity to think about what it would take to make a plane rave a reality. First – you’d have to have a plane big enough. Let’s consider the Airbus A380, because why not. Then you’d need to get some DJs – music you can bounce to is out of the question, so let’s look toward techno and deep house. Lastly, you’d probably have to bribe some FAA officials because any kind of party in the sky is likely breaking at least a dozen aviation laws and guidelines.

Sky Rave doesn’t have a bad ring to it, though.


Image via Sound Shift