Today’s wealth programs and equipment offer a nearly limitless range of production techniques. With everything from analog, VSTs, sampling, recording, etc, the amount of creative freedom granted to producers can be more than a bit daunting – and inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. If you’ve scrounged Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen the hilarious antics of Mashd N Kutcher, but Matmos is stepping up the sampling game in their forthcoming album. Created around the mind crumbling recordings of their Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washing machine, this latest LP is a trip and a half.

Aptly titled, Ultimate Care II, the duo’s newest album is set for release on February 19th of next year via Thrill Jockey Records. And thanks to New York artist Ted Mineo, the album art will pay tribute to their beloved washing machine in a beautifully rendered interpretation. To get an idea of what to expect aurally, they’ve released an excerpt of material on Thrill Jockey’s Soundcloud, and honestly, it’s got us feeling trapped inside an electrostatic laundromat jungle. Have a listen to their teaser below, and check back for more details on this lavishly abstract release.

H/T EDM Sauce