Ever the giver, producer KRNE today has officially begun the first Series of his collaboration projects, which will feature fans and established artists alike. The first track is called “Icy,” and began as a WIP sent over by Sober Rob. Now, its completed form comes as a deadly and serious trap piece worthy of both your “turn up” and “chill out” playlists. It’s currently available for free download here.

SESSIONS, is where I’m going to try and work with as many producers as I have time – no matter what the size or style of music. SESSIONS will serve as an open format label of sorts – a home where I can host these collabs and help promote your work across my community of friends and fans online.

For more information on how to submit your own demos, visit KRNE’s website here.

The track begins with a deep pulse and ominous, echoing pads. A resounding brass section soon enters the picture, leading into the addition of sparse percussion elements. Suddenly, the drop is upon us. A steady and slightly off-rhythm pluck and high-pitched scraping emerge above a simple but hard-hitting beat. A swell brings us into the second drop where a new melody is introduced alongside slaps and slides of percussion. A buzzing sub rings out until the track comes to its close.

Download the track here for free!