Sure, there may be hordes of formulaic tunes out there regurgitating the same sounds you’ve heard all year, but every so often a song comes along that bypasses the heart valve and gets lodged in your being. That’s about where we’re at with Pumpkin’s “Shifting Things.”

Composed and produced by Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado for Hiding Acorns Music, “Shifting Things” creates a soundscape where idyllic chimes coalesce with charming pizzicato and nubby synth pads skip across the street with comforting basslines. Kyrstyn Pixton’s vocals complete the dream state, and crack the atmosphere wide open to let your mind unravel, just as the track beckons. So, here’s to you being awesome, enjoying the shifting seasons, and keeping toasty with the love of good company. Even if you’re a scrooge, there’s no denying that Andrew Soria’s cover art is beyond adorable. Grab this sonic delight as a free download now, and be sure to pay it forward by throwing some lovesauce at Pumpkin’s socials.