Sometimes, the things that deadmau5 gets himself into make me feel as if I’m watching a really horrible reality TV show. Not bad like Jersey Shore bad, but more like Who’s Your Daddy?, where it’s so bad that it becomes hilarious.

For this latest episode of deadmau5’s entertaining life, we have Aaron Carter, younger brother to Nick Carter of Backstreet Boy fame, putting a trap beat over one of mau5’s most treasured songs, “The Veldt.”

A video posted by Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) on

Not surprisingly, this caught Joel’s attention.

Lucky for us, it didn’t stop there.

If any brave soul wants to make a petition at, we won’t stop you.

And now deadmau5’s fans are harassing Carter on Instagram. Isn’t the world grand?

Maybe it’s because you call him “dead mouse.”

Oh, but he’s in!!

This has been a roller coaster of emotions.