A few months back I was introduced to a book called ‘The Artisan Soul‘, written by a wildly creative and intriguing man by the name of Erwin McManus. I can happily say that this book changed the trajectory of my life, but it was also through this book that I came to hear of his daughter, Mariah and her passion for song writing and singing. I read of her success in her young career, her knack for making people burn with emotion with each lyric she wrote. Being a producer and writer myself, I was desperate to hear her work…

When a good friend over at Zerothree Records reached out to me concerning a premiere for this track, the answer was a no brainer. YES! This label is responsible for putting out one of the best curated catalogs in dance music, representing a variety of artists and genres. They are trend setters with a passion to push the boundaries of EDM. Their latest release is titled “Your Love”  from the highly talented production of BRKLYN, Kevin Wild and the beautiful voice of, you guessed it, Mariah McManus.

The second you press play, you can expect to be hit with a rush of euphoria as Mariah’s voice sweeps softly over a beautifully crafted piano progression .

“The universe is singing, and I’m starting to feel it, it’s your love, it’s your love.”

The lyrics ring throughout the chorus as BRKLYN and Kevin Wild offer an electrifying mesh of uplifting melodies and bright synths. Within just five minutes these three managed to create fascinating work that proves to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

Listen to “Your Love” below!