Producer and disciple of the underworld False Panic has just released his latest monstrosity. “Horizon” is an original dubstep headbanger that sounds like it would fit perfect in an Excision Shambhala mix alongside some of the year’s most immense creations. Listen below and hold on to your seat, and if you like what you hear head over to Beatport and pick up your copy.

The track begins with a textured growl and an all-too-peaceful acoustic guitar ballad, until a chorus of operatic voices and an ominous stretching of metallic synths breaks into the space. The rise of kick drums leads quickly into a robotic voiced hook. Suddenly a powerful and simple rhythm is topped with an unimaginable and unceasing wall of laser synth. The song eventually quiets back down into a short period of anticipation, before swelling upwards once more. The drop returns with newfound force and carries the track to its end.

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