Following the release of their debut album, Collateral, Nervo has released an eclectic remix EP of “The Other Boys.” Of the four tracks included, Florian Picasso’s interpretation is by far the standout, and for good reason. The remix’s intoxicating lead bursts with a weighty snarl, building intelligently on the electro funk of the original mix.

Swiveling synths are sequenced just right, vocal processing complements the arpeggiated guitar riffs wonderfully, and the track’s percussion is crisp. But that lead steals the spotlight… sounding like thick, adulterated, helicopter blades, the sound design here is top. Here’s what Florian has to say about the track:

“If you remember the remix that I did for Steve Aoki ‘Get Me Outta Here,’ it is really inspired from it, except that the first drop is more straight forward… I wanted to build the remix in a way that the energy crescendos. I have a few other “hard drops” in the pipeline… but I can’t wait for these tracks to be released. It’s difficult for me to explain to you guys where I wanna take you, but you’ll understand. Whether it’s melodic like ‘Origami’ or more in-your-face like this remix you’ll always find my Picasso signature in the tracks.”

After getting his start scratching vinyl at only 13 years-old, Florian’s capacity for quality production isn’t too surprising. Have a listen below, and grab Florian Picasso’s remix of “The Other Boys” now via iTunes.