As staff members of a dance music blog, we’d like to think that we’re pretty knowledgeable and understanding of the various musical trends and styles within the community. We love the music we write about, and with each new track we hope to further catalyze the evolution and maturation of the genre as a whole. It takes a lot for us to feel alienated from aspects of the scene. Something truly vile and unforgivable needs to surface for us to rethink everything we believe in and cherish.

VINAI are one of the few EDM acts that actually make us feel like bitter grandparents, scorning the younger generation’s music tastes as being baseless and obnoxious.

Following on the slime-covered heels of their last song “Techno,” the two Kronks have just whipped up another forgettable Melbourne Bounce track called “Get Ready Now.” We’ll let you guess what the hook says right before the drop. In a similar fashion to their last installment, the song comes as an example of strict creativity abandonment and lazy melody writing.

We do not appreciate when “producers” blatantly take advantage of the scene, no matter which method they use. If we find out that they are, we’ll say something (like we did here, here, and here). The amount of plays this track will get doesn’t deter us from our efforts to point out the BS happening behind the scenes. Take it as a learning experience, and next time you see them headlining a silly college party, know to save your money.

(Feel free not to) listen to VINAI’s new track below.