Give it up for the ever-running Robot Chicken to make fun of one of EDM’s most recognized icons. The stop motion series, one of the longest-running on Adult Swim, consistently lampoons relevant ideas and subjects in pop culture. For its latest episode, Robot Chicken took aim at Steve Aoki and his propensity for throwing cakes at his crowds.

The skit follows Aoki as a Los Angeles Dodgers recruiter asks the DJ to become a pitcher for the baseball team. In traditional Robot Chicken fashion, Aoki doesn’t adjust to his new position very well, and the skit takes a hilarious turn as it progresses. While a skit like this may have offended some DJs, Aoki actually voiced his character in the show and was actively involved in the production process. He may not be the greatest pitcher (according to Robot Chicken), but at least Aoki is a great sport.

Watch Robot Chicken’s “Steve Aoki: Major League Pitcher” skit below: