It’s impossible to know what the atmosphere was like aboard the Norwegian Pearl in the days following the incident involving Kaylyn Davis. The mother and wife is presumed to have jumped overboard on November 12th, interrupting the normal festivities on the boat.

While those left on shore were left to their own troubling devices, the mood on the boat remained a somber one. In particular was a chance encounter with Kaylyn from Jauz, who was performing on the boat. He wrote about it in a singularly touching post on Facebook:

Half an hour after settling into my cabin on the Mad Decent Boat Party, we were all requested down to the 7th floor for the mandatory safety meeting. As we waited for instructions, a girl came up to Amber (Mija) and myself and introduced herself as Kay. She explained that her and her husband had gotten married on the MD Boat last year and were celebrating their anniversary, and asked so politely if we would take a picture with her. We sat there and had a brief conversation, she was nothing but nice, warm, happy, friendly. Borgore walked in mid conversation, and I found out he was one of the Best Men in their wedding last year. The couple and him discussed getting dinner sometime on the boat and the whole time Kay hung out with us she treated us like nothing but normal people. This was the first fan interaction I had on the boat all week and it set the tone for myself – that this was an inviting place, where no matter who you were, we were all equals, just a bunch of friends partying together on a cruise ship.

When I found out that same Kay was the person overboard, it broke both Joann and I’s hearts. Obviously a man overboard situation in any regard is horrifying but to have it be a friend escalated to entirely new levels. Shortly after finding this out, I happened to run into a large group of Kay’s close friends on the pool deck. We all grieved together for a long time. I met so many people who had been touched and affected in positive ways by her presence and friendship. Pretty soon the entire boat felt connected by Kay, we all became one gigantic family who mourned together, and most importantly came together to try to stay positive and keep vibes on the boat as positive as possible. This was an experience unlike anything I’ve ever experience and it took the loss of a beautiful soul like Kay’s to remind not just myself but all of us on the boat just exactly how important and precious every moment we have in life really is. Artists and fans alike all bonded in a way I’ve never seen before and I don’t know if we’ll experience again.

Thank you Kay, for being the great person you were and sharing your light with the rest of us. Thank you to the fans, artists, crew, and family that is mad decent boat party for coming together to make the best of the worst kind of situation.

If anyone has anecdotes, moments, or stories about Kay please feel free to leave them in the comments. Stay strong everyone <3

A GoFundMe has been set up in the name of Kaylyn and her daughter, Rylee. Donations will go toward Rylee’s education, as well as funeral expenses.


Image via Jauz