Tis the season for cold weather, hot drinks and snow covered mountain tops! Although festival season is long over, some rave light enthusiasts are finding epic ways to pass the time.

Created by Sweetgrass Productions, a special segment in “Afterglow” features two expert skiers donned from head to toe in matching, glowing lightsuits as they perform a night ski run high on the mountains. Skiing where no lights are found, the two lightsuits dance beautifully in the night snow as they illuminate a path down the mountain.

Afterglow is widely considered one of the greatest ski movies in the past few years and the lightsuit segment is a true testament to that fact. Although it may not be about EDM music, you cannot deny the stunning performance and visuals that give a look into some of the most unexplored parts of the world.

Check out the Afterglow lightsuit segment below: