Essex is a budding new producer set to take over the trance community with his massive uplifting sound. His debut original has just been released by Gareth Emery’s Garuda Recordings, and with such prestigious backing, Essex is sure to receive some much-deserved exposure and attention in the coming year. 

Building on the ‘glory days’ of trance, “Pattern 10” features a throwback sound full of beautiful melodies and emotion. Essex starts things off with a simple intro that uses a steady kick and running synths to set the mood. This leads into a stunning interlude that utilizes atmospheric piano work to carefully build the emotion of the track. The build brings some light sounds that help to turn the energy up a bit before unleashing a jaw-dropping chorus of epic chords. A clean and assertive kick rings out underneath, driving the track forward at a commanding pace without overpowering the mix.

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