Bang and Olufsen are purveyors of high quality home theater systems, and their newest product is really pushing the boundaries of what it means to be ‘high-end.’

Dubbed the Beolab 90, this 300-pound speaker will run you a cool $40,000, reserving this for the upper-tier of home entertainment purchasers. They feature 360-degrees of sound and 8200-watt speakers with 18 drivers and amplifiers. Basically, this is a really f**king powerful unit.


There’s even an app that comes with the speaker, that lets you optimize the sound for whatever room you’re in, taking into account furniture or any other obstacles that may obstruct sound. To make this even more ridiculous, there’s a feature called “Beam Width Control,” which lets you direct the sound of the speakers to a specific location. If you’re sitting in your favorite chair and want to fully experience the Beolab 90’s, you can open up the app and choose your location, unleashing all that $40,000 sound onto your chair.

They’re no $55,000 Sennheisers, but we still think they’ll get the job done.