Earlier this week, three students from Stanford University decided to get creative with a project for their Interactive Management Science course by creating an algorithmic formula to determine the perfect amount of alcohol able to be consumed while avoiding a black out.

Using the students’ model, users can input their alcohol tolerance in number of drinks and the minutes before their party is scheduled to begin. The formula can then calculate the exact amount of alcohol safe to drink before the user will most likely experience a black out – or as they describe, “short term memory loss.” The algorithm assumes that the user will be downing a new drink every 10 minutes.

If any curious readers are interested in doing some field testing on the formula – to make sure the Stanford kids got it right – watch their complete project explanation below. (For a TLDR version, watch Complex‘s report further down.)

Stanford University isn’t a party school, but that didn’t stop three students from figuring out a way for you to party hard without experiencing a black out.

Posted by Complex on Saturday, December 5, 2015