With over ten million streams on Soundcloud, 17-year old Steve James not holds totes an impressive play count, he also has a dozen chart-topping hits on Hype Machine, supported nights on the Chainsmokers’ ‘Friendzone Tour’, and just recently, co-produced the hit ‘Purpose’ with Justin Bieber. While all of these are equally impressive, what’s dropping next will be the biggest milestone of this yound, budding producers career so far. Steve James, after crushing the remix game, is finally releasing his first ever original content: ‘Renaissance.’

“I’m not sure how to really put my excitement for this track into words. Having never released any original music, every detail had to be perfect. “Renaissance” has been in the making since early Summer, and we knew it needed something special to set it apart from the rest of my release; that something was Clairity, and I couldn’t be happier with what we ended up with.”

‘Renaissance’ utilizes the piercing vocals of Lava recording artist, Clarity, the combination is a perfect pairing of Steve’s musical prowess, with the unique sounds that come out of his productions and the 18 year old, singer-songwriter Clairity, who’s impeccable vocals, which has been described as a fusion of Imogen Heap and Bjork, make Steve’s debut original the talk of the town as the organic and uplifting tune marks the first of hopefully many originals from the recent high school graduate. Buy or stream “Renaissance” here.