We couldn’t be more hyped for EMBRZ’ latest dream induced delight. Titled “Home,” this track is a gentle giant, kicking hard with emotive melodies to define a space for introspection.

Beginning the trek home is the call of energized static, providing a thickened backdrop for Eleni Drake’s ethereal vocals. A plucky guitar entwines itself with subdued percussion, and a brooding keyboard arrangement spreads wide to embrace lofty synth pads. Overall, “Home” is a stirringly beautiful tune that’s come just in time for the holidays. This is certainly one of those tracks you’ll want to play while having a fireside toast and watching snowflakes sidle through sky.

Courtesy of Slow Down Records, EMBRZ’ “Home” will become available for purchase tomorrow 12/11 via iTunes. Have a listen to the magic below, and be sure to throw some love on his socials.