It seems as though the captivating nature of indie electronic duo ECHOS is on a fast track journey to musical success. Every release they put out exudes all of the qualities a post EDM artist should possess. This group’s enchanting way of being able to stop people in their tracks with their songs is catching the attention of other artists like them. I am very certain that after people listen to their new vocal rendition of “All I Want”, originally by Dawn Golden, everyone will have their eyes on ECHOS going forward.

The track begins with a soft and melodic intro, vocals strong and true from both members of ECHOS. I enjoy that the producer of the music is coming forward with his set of back up vocals, and of course the lead vocalist of the duo is just so beautiful to listen to. In this tune, you get this overwhelming sense of tension, in the best way possible. There’s passion and longing in the way they sing the lyrics, and the re-imagined production just complements their voices so well. Of course, ECHOS has their own twist to provide. The last minute or so, these guys surprise their listeners by transitioning the tune into a rock infused rhythm, bringing out an incredibly refreshing version of electronic rock bliss. Combining post-rock music and EDM is a very rare thing to experience, and when you do there’s no going back. You get hooked, and you keep yearning for more. 

I really am loving how much these two have grown since their first releases, and it only shows how far they are pushing themselves to go. ECHOS makes beautiful music, to say the very least. They are true artists, and their hearts and minds are masterpieces. Be sure to listen to more from ECHOS, give a heart on this track, and get ready to hear more from them after the new year. The hype is real on this, trust me.