We recently featured the enigmatic Into The Wild LP, which is the debut LP to come from electronic producer MMXJ. With the album telling such an uplifting musical journey, we found MMXJ to have a chat about it all with us.

When did you first start putting Into The Wild together? Did you enjoy the creative process?

I started putting ‘Into the Wild’ together two years ago. The first song I started producing was the title track and I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. It made me grow and mature both as a person, individual and as a music producer.

Do you have a favourite track from the LP?

I love them all as the progression of the album tells my whole journey over the last two years; how I’ve evolved from then until now. If I had to pick 2: ‘You’re Not Alone” & ‘All We Are’.

Do you remember what first inspired you to make music?

It was Christmas and I was 8 years old watching my brothers play guitar and singing to our family. That was a lovely moment that inspired me to learn the guitar and sing.

How would you describe the MMXJ sound?

Melodic Dance Music.

You once reached the finals of Singapore Idol. What did that experience teach you?

To work hard, be humble, be sincere, be honest, and forge strong honest friendships. Most importantly, to support each other through the good and bad.

How did you find working with Warner Music Singapore?

It’s great. I’m still working with them to distribute my music in the Asia Pacific region. They’re a supportive and committed team.

What are your plans as an artist for next year?

To continue to make honest, good music and do more live shows.