Long before the days of EDC Las Vegas, Ultra, and Tomorrowland, dance music festivals were nowhere near the massive spectacle they are now. In the genre’s early years, rock & roll was the way to go, and dance music, more specifically, house and disco, were relegated to the underground, with only a few bastions, like Paradise Garage, supporting the genre. Paradise Garage was an iconic nightclub in New York City that served as one of dance music’s most important venues, supporting legendary artists like Larry Levan while laying the foundation for today’s club scene. Paradise Garage officially closed its doors in 1987, but a select group of pioneers have teamed up with Good For You Records to share the iconic nightclub’s legacy with the modern dance music community with a special West Coast show at the Hollywood Palladium on December 19th.

This special, one-night event will feature a pair of original, Paradise Garage DJs in Joey Llanos and David DePino, in addition to an opening set by Kenny Summit and special guests. These legendary DJs are prepared to take West Coast dance fans on a decade-long journey through the best house and disco in the world, so don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event and get your tickets here.

In addition to this special event, Good For You Records is releasing a special double vinyl, Paradise Garage: Inspirations, which will feature producers who were impacted by the NYC nightclub. Artists featured on the compilation include Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, and more. Also, this event aims to raise funds for the GMHC, an organization that fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of those affected.

Enjoy Joey Llanos and David DePino’s Paradise Garage mix, watch the video below, and don’t miss out on this party!