There’s no company in the world quite like Solé Bicycles. The Venice-based bicycle company has been able to capture dance music’s tremendous growth in a way that few other companies have been able to, growing alongside the genre by teaming up with up-and-coming stars for a tastefully-curated, monthly mix series. For this month’s mix, Solé has teamed up with SnowGlobe Music Festival and Autograf for a special mix to bring some summer heat to your December.

On the mix, Autograf expertly navigates through a selection of groove-infused tracks like Moon Boots’ “Magic,” Zimmer’s “We Are Infinite,” and their own stellar tracks like “Metaphysical.” Solé has even put together a phenomenal giveaway that will send you to Lake Tahoe to ring in the New Year at SnowGlobe with 2 VIP tickets, 2 Heavenly Mountain lift tickets, a hotel room for 2, airfare, Solé Bicycles for 2, and a 3 month subscription to Wine Awesome to close the year in style. You can check out the mix below, and enter the competition here.