Dillon Francis’s live shows are notorious for their outrageous visuals and off-the-cuff humor, including lasers, cats, lasercats and more. His newest music video, for his collaboration with Martin Garrix “Set Me Free,” is like watching a live Dillon Francis set over the course of three minutes – but somehow weirder.

Even if I wanted to spoil the contents of the video, I couldn’t; the animations and settings are far too outlandish for me to even try to comprehend or relate to readers, and the only effective way to experience it is to watch it.

For fans with a little more time on their hands, the website from the beginning of the video is actually live and you can visit it for an extra heaping dose of weirdness. Try it out!


“Set Me Free” is from Dillon’s debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule out last year. You can purchase it on iTunes here.