We’ve all seen it. That one homie who is absolutely loving it, getting down with all their heart and soul, and straddling the fringe of charging just a little too hard. Considering the heavier tendencies of today’s electronic dance music, it’s pretty damn easy to lose yourself at a show, especially if we’re talking about Barely Alive. Still, as fans of dance music, it’s in our nature to leave it all on the dance floor, and for Dangelo Jimenez, that couldn’t be closer to the truth.

After headbanging like a frisky pool noodle, Jimenez literally broke his neck at Barely Alive’s show in Seattle, WA. On top of reposting Dangelo’s X-ray photo, and despite the obvious puns of leaving the show “barely alive,” the dubstep duo has deemed him a legend amongst men and guestlisted him for life. Badass.

this is metal as fuck #seattle

Posted by Barely Alive on Monday, December 14, 2015

But don’t worry, Jimenez claims he’s better than ever, and we’re glad the injury isn’t too serious. While there’s no video footage of Jimenez getting down, only the aftermath, but we can imagine it went a little something like this…