UPDATE 5:00 PST | An update was posted to the Goshfather & Jinco Facebook page just now, corroborating the disassociation as a matter of creative differences. However, the tone is decidedly less hostile in the G&J post. When situations like this become a situation of “he said, she said,” it’s difficult to associate any one side with the blame. At this point, all we can do as fans is hope that the two parties continue to put out quality music.

Dear Friends & Family,It is with my upmost regret to inform everyone that Victor has decided to disaffiliate himself…

Posted by Goshfather & Jinco on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Los Angeles duo Goshfather & Jinco have been enjoying a lot of success recently, owing to their youthful and variable style that promises a new treat in every production. Their work together dates back nearly two years, but it seems that today is the day that it comes to an end.

According to a post from Goshfather today, the duo has split up, and it was not amicable.

Dear Friends & Family:I come to you today to let you all know that my association with the duo Goshfather & Jinco is…

Posted by Goshfather on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goshfather will continue to produce under his solo name, so expect new music on that front soon.