Every single year, along with a large selection of frustrated social media users moaning and complaining about the results, the drum and bass community can look forward to viewing the results of the scene’s most talented members as well as the live stream of the awards ceremony itself. The ceremony consists of “anyone who is anyone” such as the legendary innovators like Goldie and London Elektricity to new schoolers, such as Maduk and Etherwood.

Hosted by the marvelous Jenna G and Charlie Tee, the awards were trickled with some returning winners, as well as some brand new noticeable artists to receive their first ever award.

The results are as follows:

Best DJ: Andy C (shocker)

This one comes as a surprise to no one. 

Best Producer: Noisia (shocker)

This one is absolutely well-deserved, but again, comes as a surprise to no one. They are internationally recognized throughout the production community as some of the most technically-advanced producers in any genre of electronic music.

Best MC: Dynamite MC

Hospital’s chosen stage man and a brilliant singer as well. This one is totally warranted!

Best Vocalist: Riya

The extremely talented Riya took this one home. Arguably one of my favorite vocal tracks of the year was “I Don’t Need” with Break.

Best Newcomer DJ: Maduk

With his massive Liquicity year mixes, who could argue this one?

Best Newcomer Producer: Cartoon

Regardless of a few naysayers saying they haven’t “heard” of this producer, I can totally back this one. If you haven’t heard about Cartoon, now’s your chance.

Best Newcomer MC: Coppa

Uhhh…. Not entirely sure how this is a newcomer, but I’ll take it.

Best Club Night: Hospitality

Inevitable. Hospital is known for it’s massive nights internationally that bring a variety of talent to each and every show they throw.

Best Label: Hospital Records

Not only has Hospital become the centerfold of the drum and bass scene, but they do it with integrity and passion. Every release, every artist, and every show thrown by these guys is for a common purpose. Great music. How could anyone argue that?

Best Festival: Let It Roll

I will comment on this once I’ve attended, which will hopefully be soon…

Best Track: Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit

This one. THIS ONE. One of my favorite tunes of the year.

Best Album: Mefjus– Emulation

Also a great album. My vote would’ve went to either Etherwood’s “Blue Leaves” or Rene LaVice’s “Play With Fire,” but this will do.

Best Live Act: Noisia (huh?)

This award is the one that sort of shook everyone’s cage a bit. With the trio themselves openly admitting that they don’t play a live show, where is the validity in this?

Best Video: Netsky – Rio

Definitely a fun video. Creepy, but fun.

Best Remix: The Prodigy – Nasty (Spor Remix)

This one is also an absolute smasher. Sporreturn was definitely a great surprise this year.

Hall Of Fame Inductees: Mampi Swift & Diane Charlemagne

As you all may have heard, Diane passed away in October and the community lost a cornerstone voice in bass music. You will missed dearly, and always remembered.

After such a wondrous ceremony, I’m sure half of the community was nursing terrible hangovers. Congratulations to all the winners and their teams!