Following the release of Flux Pavilion’s debut album, Tesla, I had the personal challenge of picking out my own favorite track from it. Through much trial and error, I came out with “Emotional,” the collaboration with Matthew Koma. The lyrics and entire vibe of the track made it a pretty easy choice, though Must Die!’s crazy remix only deepened my love for the original.

Now that the “Emotional” remixes are starting to drip out, we get to present you with the acoustic version from Matthew Koma that really puts a different spin on the bass-heavy original.

Quotes from both artists demonstrate the true nature of the song. Flux Pavilion says, “It’s great to get an opportunity to show people that electronic producers do actually write musically diverse songs; we all just hide them in distortion and vocal samples telling people to ‘Turn Up’.”

“I always love the opportunity to strip a song down and let it speak without anything else affecting or enhancing its perception. This is one of those songs that feels like it connects just as strongly with the production as it does on an acoustic, but in a different way,” says Matthew Koma.

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