Jauz teased a Marshmello collaboration a little while ago, or at least the possibility of one. Considering they both work under the same management team, it was rather inevitable.

Considering both artist’s extremely successful productions and careers, this was one of the (many) most anticipated collaborations of the year. The collab was dropped just minutes ago on Soundcloud, a remix of “Need You (100%)” by Duke Dumont. Featuring a jersey club vibe and an infectious trap hook, this track will likely be played across the festival circuit in 2016.

But does it live up to the hype of a Jauz & Marshmello collaboration? In my opinion, it doesn’t.

When you see those two names together, and think back to the incredible year that both artists have had, thoughts on what a collaboration would sound like run wild. Perhaps it was my own high expectations that are preventing me from throwing my arms up in the air and hyping the f*ck out of this track, it’s certainly possible.

This is not a bad track, by any means. But I wasn’t expecting good, either. I was expecting phenomenal, and I don’t hear it… and by the looks of it, fans don’t either.

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