Christmas Day in Los Angeles is scheduled to be Hella-Lit at the Buygore x Nap Girls Holiday Party & Toy Drive at Sound Nightclub on Friday, December 25th. Free for 21+ with the donation of an unwrapped toy or a minimum of $5, this show will feature a litany of surprise Buygore guests, as well as a performance by Borgore himself.

“We’re equally as stoked to be throwing a show to raise donations for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as we are about working with the Nap Girls. We love everything they are about,” says Asaf Borger aka Borgore. “They’re challenging the ideas of feminism and shedding light onto important issues and we fully support them and their movement. These are great women who are shaking things up, so we wanted to collaborate with them during the holidays.”

Did you forget that Borgore is a feminist? Then consider yourself reminded. Liz Garard, president and co-founder of the pro-fem music industry alliance known at Nap Girls Int’l, didn’t bat an eye when asked whether a collab with Buygore was antithetical to the Nap Girls mission. “Nap Girls was conceived to promote feminism in a fun way, that’s evolved into us promoting philanthropy in a fun way, too. Buygore came to us about the party with the goal of donating 1000 toys to the Children’s Hospital for Christmas and we said of course!”

Described as a collaborative collective promoting gender equality in the music industry, Nap Girls claim to be promoting a ‘culture of kindness’ in which body and slut-shaming have no place – but what about body and slut celebration? Fellow Nap Girl, DJ, porn star and Buygore releasing artist Carter Cruise speaks to this. “In one of his songs [with Miley Cyrus] Borgore sings, ‘Decisions, between a family or a porn star, humble life or sports car, liver or the whole bar,’ and then, ‘Decisions, but I want it all, so I get it all.’ He feels pressure from society to choose between traditional happiness that comes from following the rules, or the debauchery that comes from breaking them, but then he says he can have it all. He’s only telling the man’s side, because that’s the only side he can truthfully tell, but isn’t there a female counterpart to that?

Borgore doesn’t put himself on a pedestal.

“He acknowledges that he’s just as much a degenerate in the eyes of society as the girls twerking on his stage. He’s not saying, ‘you’re sluts and I’m looking down on you,’ or that women can’t have it all too. His brand is a celebration of the lewd, the lustful, the gluttonous – he gives a reason to party, an escape from social stigmas, an excuse for women to throw off society’s ideas of what is ‘appropriate’ and let out their inner freak. It’s okay if you don’t want to partake in the debauchery. Feminism isn’t about what feels right to ONE woman, but respecting every woman’s own personal definition.”

And there you have it. As for the festivities themselves, expect an equal-opportunity twerk fest.

“This is going to be an unconventional Christmas party. We have unique synergy with Buygore and are excited to come together to share a positive message and dance and make a bunch of kids smile who may really need it,” says Liz.