For Dillon Francis, his annual IDGAFOS weekend is potentially one of his favorite times of the year. For all of the antics and goofiness that he puts out on social media on a daily basis, this annual get-together of fans is where he can let it all fly, and be appreciated all the more for it.

We’ve already written about how he premiered two amazing new collaborations, with Alesso and NGHTMRE, on Day 1. It’s also already known that he has own flip to the massive Skrillex “Red Lips” remix in the works. Thanks to EDM Tunes, we have our best look at the flip yet, premiered at IDGAFOS this past weekend.

Listen past the original and you get a taste of the flip, which, from the looks of the video, goes down hard live.

Release date is still pending for the flip, if it’s released at all.


Image via Rukes