Faith restored.

Not more than a few days ago, I went on a pretty angry rant against deadmau5 for setting aside his fans and calling them “nothing more than a number” before deleting the majority of his social media accounts. Now, however, I’m taking a step back in humility to forgive the notorious Joel Zimmerman thanks to a new post on his own personal blog.

In the post, as you can see below, he takes steps to apologize for his recent and rash actions and openly admits he’s been dealing with a level of depression, and even that he considers himself “far from emotionally stable.”

I’m grateful that Joel took the time to write this out and show the world just how human he is. But more than that, I would like to apologize wholeheartedly for brushing him off due to his recent actions without first taking a second to look at the world from his point of view, knowing that mental health problems are all too serious and can effect anyone… even our idols.

That being said, he has a long road ahead to recover both his image and his personal well being, and we wish him all the best on that journey.

*UPDATE: Since writing this he has restored his social media pages, both Twitter and Facebook. 

*He has lost almost 3.2 million Twitter followers since deactivating his account, however.