Sunburn and Supersonic, two of India’s (and the world’s) largest dance music festivals, have been officially put on hold for next year, beginning December 15 following until January 15 of the next year. Following reports that the two’s organizers skipped out on paying their taxes for a full two years, it now appears that their security fees were the only ones left unpaid after police raised their supplementary bill of three years, according to Goa News.

Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar expressed his fear of overcrowding in Goa during the final week of the year, with the more than 10,000 festival attendees and normal tourists assumed to be a group too large for police to handle. These tourists, he thinks, especially those that come with families, will likely skip the EDM festivals anyway.

“I have told them not to take us for granted any more. And I have put these notings on the file so that all the concerned government officials know it.”

Festival organizers claim that this season will see double the amount of attendees as previous years, this coming as the ninth anniversary of the first Sunburn festival.