After dancing your feet into a pulp all day, your festival abode matters – a lot. Having a solid tent is key, and while not a lot of sleep happens, everyone has their secret method to catch the requisite Z’s, whether it be a hammock, cot, air mattress, or the tried and true sleeping mat. But regardless of how prime your setup may be, this newest shelter design is making us wish Christmas wasn’t over.


A marvel of engineering, and sheer imagination, the Cocoon Tree Tent feels like a return to the cradle of nature’s bosom. While it functions perfectly as a sheltering orb on the ground, its real beauty shines when it’s suspended amongst trees, floating in space like an absinthe-induced fantasy. This majestic dwelling boasts an interior bed spanning 10 ft, and is held by an aluminum frame weighing only 60 kg. Its airborne design allows for optimum airflow, maintaining comfortable interior temperatures, and the weatherproof tarpaulin is certified to keep all the nasties out while the wind rocks you to sleep.
cocoon tree tent

However, as usual for something that blends form and function with such elegance, “thou shalt pay dearly.” The Cocoon will set you back $14,000, which translates to several years of festival tickets and/or a used car. So while we’d love to cruise up to Electric Forest in style and valiantly attempt to get this through security… we’ll pass. Still, maybe we’ll start to see these contraptions getting integrated into festival grounds or VIP viewing nests. Imagine how insane it would be to curl inside one of these and drift away to some Carmack?!



H/T Roadtrippers