UPDATE 2:30 PST | According to TMZ, Guru Josh’s cause of death is being attributed to suicide. Sources say that he had been battling with depression.

Paul Walden, better known by his artist moniker Guru Josh, died Monday in his Ibiza home that he shared with his manager. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Born in Jersey, Walden moved to London in the late ’80s during the British rave movement where he worked as a booking agent while playing small venues with his band. After reportedly trying ecstasy for the first time, Walden’s outlook on life was changed, leading him to create house music with an accompanying jazz saxophonist. In 1990, he released “Infinity,” a chart-topping classic that was one of this writer’s first introductions to everything dance music. A soothing and ethereal house track, “Infinity” was eventually remixed and re-released in 2008, where it became a hit all over again.

In his later life, Walden found success once more as a 3D fractal artist under the name Dr. Devious. A self-proclaimed “mad inventor,” he enjoyed crafting creative new business ventures more than churning out songs. Friends and associates of Walden describe his as being “immensely talented” and “a f**king rock star.”

Listen to “Infinity” below and remember one of the pioneers of modern EDM. Rest in peace, Paul.