India’s Sunburn music festival kicked off Sunday in the western region of Goa, where DJs Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Kygo and many more performed in front of the area’s most avid dance music fans. With EDC-esque stage production and thousands upon thousands of tickets sold, this event was clearly best suited for the most well-known and receptive acts in all of EDM.

Business Insider sat down with Martin Garrix during his time in India to ask about his climb to stardom and the feeling of fame. After moving a sea of listeners with his noteworthy closing set on Day 3 of the festival, he spoke out on the pressure that comes with the position.

“At first, it was pressurizing especially when I do shows, but I know what I am doing. For me, when I am in the studio, people have super high expectations and after ‘Animals’, people were like, what’s next? I was like, ‘I don’t know, I just released Animals, and I don’t know what I am going to do now’. But when I am in studio, I have a lot of freedom and there is no pressure… In the beginning, of course, it was pressurising. Either people like it because I give my best or they won’t like it and move to another stage. I don’t care, I know my show, I know people will like it because I play my own music.”

When asked what the feeling was like after his track became an international hit, Garrix remembered being greeted by hundreds of adoring fans even at his airport arrivals.

“It was great. I was surprised. I would go to an airport and hundreds of people would be waiting for me. And I would feel, ‘Oh, this is weird’. This is such a new thing, it is hard to explain. I am used to sitting on my computer? That is where I spend 70 percent of my day when I am in a studio and when I go shows that are sold out.”

Lastly, Garrix describes his experience working with the collaborators that have helped contribute to his career. Unlike some who most enjoy DJing or dancing, he says that the studio is where he feels most at home.

“It’s fun? some like to play, some like to dance, I like to produce music. When I am in the studio, they like to play the same music and we have the same passion and hobby. We just make music and that is a great feeling.”

Martin Garrix at #SunburnGoa

Posted by SUNBURN Festival on Tuesday, December 29, 2015