Martin Garrix has quickly made it a habit to release his original music for free with (pretty much) no strings attached, and we aren’t complaining. Although Spinnin’ Records claims it is in direct breach of their legally binding contract, we’re all aboard the free release train right alongside Garrix and already can’t wait to see what’s next.

Back to “Bouncybob,” though, the latest free song to grace our earholes. The track starts as any Garrix track should, with a swooning festival-ready melody and incredible synthesis voicing that doesn’t reveal any secrets of what might come next. An unexpected break grips you leading into the drop, and lays the foundation for a throbbing future -house-meets-Melbourne-bounce beat that will have you shuffling, head bobbing and fist pumping simultaneously.

While all of these elements sound like they should be out of place together, 16-year-old Mesto, Justin Mylo and Martin Garrix compliment each other extraordinarily well, each inflecting their own styles into different sections of the record.

In closing, the three and a half minute track could be an indication of an upcoming trend in festival-ready EDM and we’re looking forward to more of similar style from these three talented youngsters. Grab the free download here and start your NYE right with the help of “Bouncybob” and its odd accompanying video below.