The newest collaboration between Still Young and Simon De Jano & Madwill, “Temptation” is forward-thinking electro veiled in nostalgia. Beginning with a slow and steady build, staccato string pads initiate the electrified countdown towards an instantly recognizable sample of  Loleatta Hollaway’s “Love Sensation.” The arrangement then incorporates a tin filter to heighten the energy before dropping into an encompassing low-end and reverberating lead. There are more than enough lasers to satisfy your dance nostalgia, and classic keyboard progressions build up to the second breakdown’s bleating party horns. “Temptation” sounds completely at home in a jubilant electro or progressive set, and is available now on Beatport courtesy of Size Records.

The music video for “Temptation” focuses on the latter half of the track, utilizing a copy & paste aesthetic which draws from an eclectic well of inspiration. Click below for the full inspirational playlist behind “Temptation,” and read on for the artists’ explanations for them.

Selections by Madwill
02. Daft punk – ‘One more time’
They changed my life, especially this track, and this album is the right example of what I call ‘Emotional Music.’
03. Toto – ‘Stop Loving You’
This is dedicated to my father, because he taught me everything about music, and this is one of his and my favorite tracks!
Selections by Simon De Jano
04. Stardust –  ‘Music sounds better with you’
This video changed my life-I discovered house music with it.
05. Alexander O’Neil – ‘If you were here tonight’
This has been my favorite song since the day I discovered it. It reminds me of my childhood, back when I was making graffiti… I don’t know why 🙂
Selections by Still Young
06. Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’
In our opinion, the greatest leather jacket, and the most iconic video ever made.
07. Daft Punk – ‘Around The World’
One of our favorite groups, and the clever use of the parts which make up the track. Brilliant!
08. Beastie Boys – ‘Sabotage’
The best costumes and the action scenes are down right hilarious. Spike Lee is a genius!
09. Fatboy Slim – ‘Praise You’
When first viewing this video we couldn’t stop laughing because you didn’t know if it was scripted or real-life people dancing this beautifully. 
10. Gun’s & Roses – ‘November Rain’
23 years ago, this band set the bar high with this amazing video and to this day is still in one of the greatest video works of all time.