After being named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 this year, Krewella was interviewed – as was DJ Snake – about a variety of topics, ranging from inspirations, success stories, and what they “can’t live without.”

2015 was a tumultuous year for the Yousaf sisters. Aside from dealing with an unfortunate lawsuit between them and former member Kris Trindl, they dealt with constant ridicule and sexism. They didn’t let it get to them, though. Over the years, Krewella has developed a tough skin against accusations of success just because they’re women.

Jahan admits they’ve had a dry spell with music in 2015, and so have had to find a different measure of success.

I re-directed my attention towards the simple things that were right before my eyes, like enjoying nature hikes, home cooked meals with my family, exploring cities on tour, meeting strangers, and walking in the studio with the smile. I truly believe that if we didn’t reach such a low point in our career last year, I would have continued to let my success be defined by what everyone thought of me.

Not all of the interview was serious. In the accompanying video interview, Forbes plays clips from the music video from Krewella’s track “Somewhere To Run.” As an homage to that, Forbes asked the sisters if they were married or had any children, to which Jahan answered, “I’m banned from [Yasmine’s] bed though. Apparently I’m violent in my sleep.”

You can read the whole interview here, and watch the video interview below.