What’s better than a million? A Billion, with a B.

That’s the latest accomplishment for Major Lazer and DJ Snake, whose single “Lean On,” is still breaking records in 2016. The unexpected hit captivated the entire music industry, and now adds 1 Billion YouTube plays to its already impressive resume. But even though “Lean On” was adored by the public, the song was shut out of the Grammy‘s this year, save for a footnote in Diplo’s nomination for Best Producer, Non-Classical. But even though “Lean On” will never get the award it so rightfully deserves, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, and MØ can cry themselves to the bank as 1 Billion YouTube plays and 600 million Spotify streams mean some serious dollar signs for all involved parties.

“Lean On” is now the 16th most viewed video of all time on YouTube, and the only EDM track ever to hit one billion views. And according to Diplo in his post below, the whole thing only took 24 hours to shoot. Incredible!

My first instinct is that we honestly don't belong up here w Tay Tay, Katy Perry, Justin, Psy and all these other videos…

Posted by Diplo on Friday, January 8, 2016


Source: Billboard