In case you missed our Wednesday premiere, and and happened to be under a rock yesterday when the release dropped, Psy Fi’s new Colors EP is most definitely the hottest thing to get right now in the bass music community. Colors, released under the infamous MalLabel Music, features five outstandingly polished and uniquely bass heavy tracks that perfectly exemplify the leaps and bounds Psy Fi’s production has taken over this past year and a half.

Not only does this EP give us some of Psy Fi’s best work to date, but it also features five top notch remixes from some of our favorite underground bass wizards Perkulat0r, Hypha, Wu Wei, Hollis, & Muppet Punk!

It doesn’t matter weather you’re cruising through a gentle Humboldt fog, raging it in a nightclub, or crunching numbers at your desk. If you love bass music, the tunes on this EP have the power to turn any situation into an wonderfully badass and contextually appropriate romp through hyperspace that you will not soon forget. We can’t wait to hear what’s next. Get this release immediately.