In the frigid Denver December, the biggest EDM fans braced the cold to come together at the Colorado Convention Center for 2 nights of bass and bliss at the 5th annual Decadence New Years Eve.

With a smiling, friendly staff greeting seas of booty shorts and pasties, it was clear before even stepping foot into the venue that fans were about to embark on a beautiful journey straight into the new year.

In the grand city of Decadence, two stages were separated by a silent disco “garden”, giving fans the option to easily hop around to find their preferred taste.


On December 30th, the music began to fill the spacious room by 7PM, with Dabin‘s melodic dubstep taking the lead at “City Hall”.  Figure, who was given the unfortunate early timeslot of 8PM, threw down regardless at the “Spaceport” stage with his horror-fueled, bass heavy style. With their high energy complimented by a massive crowd, Jack Ü played a mix of their usual duo hits, Diplo and Skrillex solo singles, and, well, a bit too many Soulja Boy samples…


What So Not and Galantis had notable sets of the night, each playing their distinctive styles and sounds. Finally, fans gathered to end the evening with Bassnectar, who seemed to be saving his energy for Bassnectar 360, followed by Gramatik and his crazy new tune that had the crowd going wild.


When New Years Eve rolled around on day 2, onesies, booty shorts, arms of kandi, dreads, button-downs, and hats donning pins gathered once more, this time to celebrate the ending of one year, and embrace the beginning of the next.

Jai Wolf started the evening strong; as the fans slowly packed the venue, the energy continued to increase with his every song.  Black Tiger Sex Machine hid behind their masks as they took the crowd to Church, and Illenium’s dynamic live set further solidified his place as an artist-to-watch in 2016. ODESZA‘s energy and song-selection was superb, and as a first-time ODESZA fan, their set was one of my favorites of the entire weekend.


After a lengthy setup for deadmau5, it was almost time to celebrate the coming of the new year. Champagne glasses were being filled around the venue. Fans pranced around in the Silent Disco while others jammed to Big Gigantic, ready for the countdown. The diehard ‘mau5 fans patiently awaited his iconic head to pop up at City Hall.

Some fans traveled from nearby Colorado Springs or Fort Collins. Others, such as a new friend named Dillon, drove alone all the way from Nebraska for this spectacle.


Thirty seconds until 2016, and the countdown began. The timing was a little off due to, presumably, excited and intoxicated ravers attempting to scream in unison.


For the past 2 days, the City of Decadence came alive, uniting fans young and old, kandi and heady, bassheads and big room lovers, and in this moment, the unison felt surreal.


Decadence excelled in their production and lineup choices to bring together the most devout fans from around the country for 2 nights of peace, love, unity, and respect, the very values this scene was founded upon.


And in that moment, the clock struck 2016, and Deadmau5 took over.


Strobe, The Veldt, and snippets of other ‘mau5 classics, the truest of fans could not have been more pleased. While disappointed with a too-short set and lack of I Remember, Deadmau5’s Decadence set was still the ideal way to reflect on and appreciate the coming of the new year, while up next, Excision’s bass heavy hour was the opportune time to let out the aggression from 2015.


All Photos by Alex Bruski