The Clouds Collective has just uploaded its latest installment after a month-long hiatus, this time in the form of a unique trap original appropriately titled “Fizzy Pop.” Producers Clqqng and Coastal combined their talents to create the optimistic, trap-turned-future-bass track, allowing both of their individual styles to be detected within the larger vibe. Using chipmunk’d vocal samples and deadly percussion elements, “Fizzy Pop” listens as an immediate classic. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with distant chords and echoing, high-pitched vocal cuts until the rhythm emerges through a simple snare and clap arrangement. A short swell leads upwards into a tom fill, followed by waves of a rumbling sub bass and sharp, arpeggiated plucks. Swirling bell hits occupy the top end as they’re played forward and backwards to give the track an extra level of space. The plucks suddenly become dominated by bubble pops, transforming the track’s feeling into an even grimier one. After a brief break the drop returns once more, this time shadowed by wide wipes of a layered, future bass synth.

Download the track for free here!