New music from the Bay Area’s Spoken Bird is always good news as far as we’re concerned; his signature fusion of swampy, wavering bass lines, emotion-provoking melodies, and hip-hop drum patterns simply never gets stale. Which is why we’re quite happy to announce we’ll be premiering his latest project, a release with Street Ritual, at the end of the month. However, we definitely weren’t trying to wait until then to get an earful of some fresh tunes; so, we’re even happier to say we’ve got an exclusive preview mixtape from the man himself available right this instant. It’s bursting at the seams with beats that are guaranteed to make your body wiggle, from both Spoken Bird and collaborators such as Elevated Mind and Secret Recipe. Coming in at just short of an hour, you’ll get a taste of both his upcoming EP and and the forthcoming Crunksauce album, the fifth compilation release from Chillage Records. It’s a certified sonic feast, in other words; don’t hesitate to press play and dig in. The full stream can be found after the jump; happy listening!


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