“Night Gestalt is everything that Dada Life is not.”

Olof Cornéer has been strapped to one intense ride. In addition to his contributions to Dada Life, Cornéer has pursued expression through a number of music and art projects, which have given rise to an uncanny ability to envelope an audience. However, his latest project, Night Gestalt, is drawn from a deeper well than anything previously released by the Swede.

Today, Cornéer is finally releasing his debut LP from Night Gestalt, an endeavor packed to the brim with meaning. The album, titled ONE [ENDLESS], tells a story about a spaceship (ONE) controlled by a computer (SHE), which is carrying the last remnants of humanity from a destroyed and uninhabitable Earth. Rather dark, yes, and understandably so, as the concept stems from Cornéer’s own battle with cancer. The original idea for the album came about while he was on a desolate Swedish island in 2010, but remained tucked away on his hard drive for years. After his diagnosis in 2014, Cornéer felt compelled to release the album, but revised with a clear vision. Stripping away the beat, drums, everything but modulated synthesis and vocals, One has become what we hear today.

The name of the project itself, Night Gestalt, is derived from the German psychological therapy practice, and it’s an accurate summation of the alias’ content. Entirely made up of arpeggiated bleeps and sweeping vocals, there’s an element of depth that could easily be construed as therapeutic. And with each track clocking in at over an hour each, it’s all to easy to sink into another universe entirely.

Each of the album’s interludes are seeing a drip release of visual accompaniments, and we couldn’t be more proud to present the premiere of ONE [ENDLESS] “Part II.” It’s all abstract angles of black and white flames licking darkness, which actually turn to be quite inspiring. Look close and see what you can get out of the meditative atmosphere.

Inspiration from Arvo Pärt, Aphex Twin, and Black Dog all took part in shaping the album’s form, emoting the same feeling as 90’s electronica and contemporary classical. If you’re as intrigued as we are, set aside some time to listen to these tracks – maybe start the album before bed and let it play into your slumber or simply have it ongoing as you drive about your day. ONE [ENDLESS] is a daring exploration of where the human mind can travel, and a spectacular accompaniment to go about your own journey. Here is Cornéer’s deeper explanation of the album’s concept and the story’s lyrics.

“I wanted to create an album that doesn’t really start and end – it’s more like a universe you can step into. A lot of music is dynamic and takes you on a journey – I wanted to do music that only says one thing.”

“The lyrics are about a spaceship called “ONE.” Sometime in the future humanity has given up on the destroyed planet and realize that we need to colonize another planet. We send out the ship, ONE, with 7000 men and women on board. But something goes wrong and we lose control of the ship – and the people on the ship are doomed to travel in a direction straight into the void. Religious sects appear on the ship trying to save the souls. Others just give up. Finally the ship computer – SHE – even decides that it’s over. The remaining people kneel in her huge hall, but then she screams inside of everybody and goes silent. It’s over.”