It’s no secret that NYC clubs have quite the turnover rate, with new clubs springing up from old spaces. Its latest club, however, takes the cake when it comes to re-upping. Flash Factory, formerly Shadow Nightclub, is a new multi-use venue made out of materials from torn down schools, temples, and churches. Located in Chelsea, the 10,000 sq. ft. space will have not just a DJ booth and stage, but a theater, lounge, two bars, and cabanas as well.

Flash Factory’s Mike Satsky aims to eliminate the roped off, bottle service feel to focus on the vibes. “The only selectivity will be the music,” he states. While everything looks good on paper, the real test will be the first few months after its opening, which is set for this weekend. New York City venues, especially larger spaces, have a tough time drawing the right crowds regularly. Though, with their opening act The Martinez Brothers, it’s clear that the underground crowd might finally have their non-Brooklyn NYC haven.


Source: Mixmag / Inhabitat