In the time since I’ve started working for Your EDM, I have written about many things and many artists. Some of the artists and things are big, many are small, but it was rare for me to take interest in a project just as it was getting off the ground. Such was the case with um.. back in 2015, when I was approached to help premiere their first original track, as well as conduct an interview.

In the year since, I have watched as um.. has been featured on Dancing Astronaut, Nest HQ, Run The Trap, and even Thump. This young duo is reinventing what music is from the ground up, using unique sampling techniques and innovative sound design to set themselves apart from the pack and it is working. In a year, without a significant budget behind them, they’ve amassed over 10,000 followers on Soundcloud, as well as continuous support for their music from Porter Robinson and beyond.

In celebration of the one year mark since the project’s realization, um.. will be releasing VIPs of various tracks of theirs and we have the first.

Last time I interviewed you guys was last year for your first original, “i don’t know.” Do you know now?

to be honest, we still don’t know. more on that next week ;o

In the time since that last interview, you’ve also had your first tour. What was that like?

seeing places we’d never been to before was dope. the midwest is way different than LA, but we were fans of the peace and solitude. we tried to see the worlds largest ball of yarn, but we couldn’t find it. for all we know it’s just a normal sized ball of yarn.

Tell me about some of the VIPs you have coming out – what was the idea behind them? Do you feel like you can improve on them now that you’ve learned more in the past year?

along with ‘we copied us’ we will be releasing ‘skrillex 2’ next week and ‘i still dont know’ the week after that. we wanted to do something special for our fans and our one year anniversary. it was interesting having a palette of sounds already picked out for us(samples from the originals) because we usually create that on our own before starting a track. that gave us direction and made it easier to focus on creating cooler ideas.

You very recently hit 10k subscribers on Soundcloud. How did it feel to hit that milestone?’

it was definitely cool to reach that mark. we’re excited for what’s to come and we have a lot of tracks to put out that we’re really stoked on.

What’s the next major milestone you’d like to reach?

we don’t think of things too specifically in terms of a certain goal. we’d like to reach a bigger audience and play shows more frequently. we never knew what to expect in terms of expanding our reach, given that we took an obscure route, but we’ve been fortunate enough to have some really cool opportunities in a short time. this new year is already very exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens.

If you’ve been following um.. on Your EDM for the past year, then you’ve also been aware of their ongoing short story. um.. will release the sixth and final act of the story when they release their next original track. For now, you can read the story again from the beginning to get a refresher.

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