A few short months ago, Tiësto and Oliver Heldens dropped a collaboration by the name of “Wombass,” which went on to finish 2016 with over six million SoundCloud plays. Now, the Dutch duo has brought on Natalie La Rose to refurbish the track into a shuffler’s wet dream titled “The Right Song.” While nothing else has changed besides adding lyrics to the mix, this song feels entirely different.

With an edge of mischief and seduction, La Rose transforms the original into a a radio-ready anthem. There’s something about it that sticks out from other Heldens’ vocal tracks, maybe it’s the way La Rose dances over the existing string melodies, or just her particular tone, but it works.

“The Right Song” has also released with a music video to drive the track home, even sneaking a toilet paper bikini scene into the plot. It’s mostly clips of after-hours janitor shenanigans, like dancing with a vacuum cleaner, stuffing dirty dishes into file cabinets, and generally fucking up the office. The whole thing doesn’t quite make sense, but it’s 2016, and it doesn’t have to in order for us to enjoy it. Oh, it’ll make you want to dig up that old Walkman, too.


H/T We Got This Covered