It’s nothing new, shows sell out. However, lately shows have been selling out quicker than ever, and of course, some people are going to take advantage of that. “Supply and demand,” they’ll argue. “It’s just business,” they’ll say. That’s fine and dandy, but jacking ticket prices to five times their value is absurd. After his Friends & I tour sold out in minutes, GRiZ is now joining Bassnectar and Kaskade in the fight against scalpers preying on fans.

Artists have been steadily making bigger stands against the vulturous activities of ticket re-sellers, but it’s come at the detriment of accessibility. While the new anti-practices are sure to help, they’ll also prevent fans from getting reasonable aftermarket tickets from folks who simply can no longer attend. To stop scalpers in their tracks for his Friends & I tour, GRiZ is calling for credit card and identification to be provided along with tickets at each of the nine stops. Here’s what the big man had to say on Facebook:

IMPORTANT INFO RE SCAPLED TIX FOR the MY FRIENDS AND I TOUR:you MUST provide the credit card and proper identification…

Posted by GRiZ on Friday, January 22, 2016