Who doesn’t love a short trip down memory lane, especially when it involves the music of generations past?

Website Playback.fm has curated an algorithm that finds the #1 charting song on any given day beginning in the year 1900! By simply entering your day of birth, you too can find out what the world was listening to most when you first arrived. I was happy to find out that on my own birthday, February 21, 1994, the track to listen to was Céline Dion’s “The Power of Love.”

By looking at the most popular songs from the birthdays of some of EDM’s most prominent figures, you can even begin to attribute much of the music influences of their respective generations to their work. Below, we’ve included the hit tracks from the birthdays of such artists as Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and more.

Check them out below, and find your own birthday song here!

Calvin Harris: January 17, 1984


Diplo: November 10, 1978

David Guetta: November 7, 1967

Martin Garrix: May 14, 1996

Hardwell: January 7, 1988

Zedd: September 2, 1989

Steve Aoki: November 30, 1977

H/T EDM.com