Canadian vocalist Kiesza, who is perhaps best known for her collaboration with Jack Ü, is being sued for the award-winning music video which accompanied her smash hit “Hideaway”, which topped the US Dance Charts, and helped launch the artist into the realm of international stardom.

The music video, which won the Juno Award for ‘Video of the Year,’ features Kiesza dancing through the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn right around the intersection of Kent Ave & North 12th St. Unfortunately, for Kiezsa and label Universal Kiesza dances right past the artwork of street artist Jamie Hef, or Jamie Mitchel Kosse, whose artwork can be seen in the video. Kosse says his work is no stranger to the screen — his graffiti was featured in movies “The Dictator,” “A Gifted Man,” and licensed by NBC and CBS too. However, Jamie has filed a federal complaint stating that his artwork “creates the false impression that plaintiff endorses Kiesza, which he does not, and that he authorized the usage of his highly distinctive works to promote the launch of Kiesza’s career.” The complaint goes on to say that the use of his artwork “appears to have been intentional because they are emblematic of the urban gritty cool image that Kiesza projects in the ‘Hideaway’ video and in her subsequent music videos”, which is where viewers of the video might be misled into thinking that Jamie’s artwork is indicative of his supporting Kiesza.

Recall Justin Bieber’s issues with illicitly using street art to promote his album in San Francisco.

Kosse is currently seeking damages for copyright infringement and false endorsement from Kiesza and her label Universal.

Stream the “Hideaway” music video below which has already amassed almost 350 million views uploaded on two official accounts.

H/T: Magnetic Mag, TMZFeatured Image Source: Insta DJ