Just when you think the streaming service has reached a lull, Spotify comes along and blows everyone away. As if being the dominant music streaming company wasn’t enough, they’ve now begun their expansion to video content. The announcement itself isn’t new – the original speculation for video content such as music videos, podcasts, and curated content was back in May – but their wave of rollout begins for Android this week and iOS next week. Only the US, UK, and Spotify’s home country Sweden will be able to test out video features. Though it’s not entirely known what the video content will be comprised on, Spotify has public deals with the BBC, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, Vice News and more, giving it an already impressive roster of potential content.

One has to wonder: if Spotify commands the streaming game, will YouTube RED, Apple Music, and other rising streaming services even stand a chance? Or is this the final play Spotify needs for complete dominance for paid subscription services? Maybe that’s getting ahead of ourselves. It’s not like Spotify has penned a deal with Netflix or Hulu… well, not yet.